Year round, Miami is one of the most popular hotspots (literally and figuratively) in the United States. While the weather is particularly ideal most days, like every other city in the country, rain can occur at any moment, especially when humidity levels reach higher rates. Should you experience more rainy days than sunny ones while spending time in the Magic City, consider any of the following activities to ensure your trip is still an enjoyable one.

Vicky’s House

This ice cream parlor is more than just your neighborhood dessert shop. Serving milkshakes, cold beer, and a plethora of video games, Vicky’s House is an 80s-themed restaurant modeled after the owner’s own kitchen. Each menu item is cleverly named after popular 80s references like the “Pretty in Pink,” “Golden Girls,” and “The BreakFast Club.” A rainy day spent at Vicky’s will surely not disappoint.

Sweat Records

Another indoor refuge from inclement weather, this record store is often regarded as one of Miami’s favorites. Sweat Records boasts an enormous collection of vinyls encompassing nearly every genre of music imaginable. They also offer a number of local bands’ records only found within the confines of Miami. Additionally, they have a coffee bar at the counter to provide you with some refreshments while browsing.

Kings Bowl

What better way to spend a rainy day than to do so bowling? The new Kings Dining & Entertainment in Miami-Doral has 14 bowling lanes, a bar and restaurant, pool and shuffleboard tables, and even karaoke rooms. This venue has enough to keep you entertained for hours regardless of the weather outside. Guests are even allowed to book the private “King Pin room” where they are treated to 4 private lanes that only they have access to.

Brickell City Centre

Traversing an outdoor mall may seem like the opposite thing to do in the middle of a rainy day, but the Brickell City Centre has a unique piece of architectural genius that is the first of its kind. The “climate ribbon” covers four blocks of the centre’s shopping areas and is designed to trap natural breezes while keeping out external elements, leaving guests completely dry. Once you’re done marveling at this amazing structure, there is a plethora of shops and restaurants to check out.


Skydiving in the rain is never recommended. But, Miami visitors can find the next best thing at iFLY in Davie, Florida. Indoor skydiving has recently grown in popularity this past decade, and for just $69.95, you can experience it too at iFLY. Guests will go through pre-flight training and work with an instructor to learn the ins and outs of skydiving, as well as standard safety measures. Once you experience the thrill of jumping out of a plane in the safety of an indoor facility, you may never want to actually skydive again.