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Miami’s Best Luxury Hotels

Miami is known as the land of sun and fun, having some of the greatest beaches in the country. It is also the home to a wide variety of luxurious hotels, including some that are surprisingly regal and artistic. If one has the financial means and wishes to stay in the best rooms in the Magic City, there are a few options.

The Setai Miami Beach

The Setai Miami Beach is considered one of the best in the city with a mood light design, thorough service, and immaculate, spacious rooms. This is topped off by the guest’s choice of three different pools, all heated to a temperature of your personal choice. The icing on the cake would be their prime beachside location with a choice of several elegant restaurants. Considering there are many other great restaurants within walking distance, this hotel has few rivals.

The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort

The St. Regis Bal Harbour boasts 243 rooms along with spacious balconies, three large pools, and three dining options right on the hotel property. Many guests find the lavish decor quite attractive and love just how close the hotel is to some prime shopping destinations within Miami.

Miami Mandarin Oriental

One of the best features of the Miami Mandarin Oriental would be their soaring architecture. They offer rooms with huge windows overlooking appealing views of Biscayne Bay, and are known for their soft, relaxing instrumental music, which for many is a welcome change from the loud, obnoxious music usually typically playing in many hotel lobbies. The phenomenal spa and top-notch gym are two more features that only add to the hotel’s allure.

JW Marriott Marquis Miami

The JW Marriott Marquis in Miami spares no expense in the comfort of their guests. They are characterized by everything being big, including the light fixtures and the enormous flat-screen televisions in each room. Their list of amenities is extensive, including three restaurants, one pool, a stellar basketball court, and even virtual bowling lanes. This is a great option for business travelers given the fact that each room has its own desktop computer as well.

Hotel Beaux Arts in Miami

This hotel is located on the top floor of the JW Marriott Marquis building. Hotel Beaux Arts is the very definition of upscale, including marble countertops, separate bathtubs and showers, and cherry wood flooring. This windows floor-to-ceiling windows offer some of the most incredible views of the city and beach, and yes, this hotel has its own separate check-in area.

Miami Hotspots: Things to Do in The Magic City

There’s no denying that Miami is regarded as one of the hottest cities (both literally and figuratively) in the United States. From the nightlife to eclectic art galleries, there is much more to do than simply relax on the beach, though that is always an option for those that love spending time under the sun.

The Magic City is well known for its colorful flair and Art Deco buildings, which embody the city’s diverse culture and individuality. Admiring this architecture is an event in itself, but failing to explore all of Miami would be unfortunate. Below are some of the most unique things to do and see that only Miami has to offer.


While every major city in the United States has some sort of museum, few have one as amazing as the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Great for children and families, the enormous campus includes an aquarium, planetarium, and interactive exhibits. Frost Science even has late-night events for adults, including extended viewing hours accompanied by live music and cocktails.

Another visually stunning museum paying homage to the Italian Renaissance is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. As the name suggests, Vizcaya features an array of beautiful gardens and flowers, as well as European antiques dating back to the 16th century. This museum is also a popular venue for weddings and portraits.

Little Havana

Many cities have their own variations of Chinatown embodying Asian culture within their borders, but only Miami has Little Havana; the city’s “heart of Cuba” as many have come to know it as. The cultural influence Cuba has had on the city of Miami is enormous, and Little Havana is a beautiful manifestation of just that. Admire the Mediterranean-style architecture along Calle Ocho (southwest 8th street), which includes Domino Park and a plethora of traditional Latin music.

The food of Little Havana speaks for itself. Delicious traditional Cuban recipes can be found in restaurants throughout the neighborhood, such as Cubano sandwiches, Medianoche, and Cuban sugar cookies.

Jungle Island

A very popular attraction for tourists visiting Miami, Jungle Island is an interactive zoo in Watson Island that includes a large variety of animals. Reptiles, primates, kangaroos, and warthogs are just some of the many creatures on display. Just minutes away from South Beach and Downtown Miami, Jungle Island is another great attraction for children and families. Unfortunately, they are currently closed due to damage sustained during Hurricane Irma, but plan to reopen in the near future.

How to Make Your Home Hurricane-Ready

Stuart Drossner

In the wake of destruction left behind by Hurricane Irma, Miami and all of South Florida were as resilient as they could be in terms of sustaining homes and buildings, many of which having successfully weathered the storm. For those looking to buy properties in the South Florida area, or throughout the state in general, preparing for hurricanes comes as a necessity.

Now that the worst of the 2017 hurricane season has seemingly come to an end, there is no better time to brace your home for the impending storms next year may bring. You can never be too late or too early, especially for Miami and South Florida residents.

A house is one of the largest financial investments you will ever make in your lifetime. Allowing it to succumb to the devastating effects of a storm because of poor planning would be foolish, and ultimately, an enormous financial cost. However, it would be best to preface this by saying that your life is more important than your house. Should orders be given to evacuate, do not hesitate to do so.

To start, look over your insurance policies to be certain that any damage your home endures is covered. A common theme is to insure one’s home based on its value. But, the cost of repair can exceed that number fairly quickly. To accommodate, look into the proper forms of insurance for your location (i.e. flood insurance). While water damage is typically covered during a storm, the floods that follow pose a different problem, and are often disregarded by home insurance policies.

Your home’s roof can quickly become a gateway for rain and debris in the event of extreme winds. Sealing and securing this as best is you can should be a priority. No matter if you have shingles or tiles, inspecting them to look for any cracks beforehand can prevent existing damage from worsening. Consider having your roof professionally repaired. The cost of this is much less than that of losing your home entirely.

Here in Florida, the construction industry has a policy in place that requires builders to connect a house’s roof to its walls with metal straps. In a similar fashion, homeowners should do the same to porches, carports, and anything else that has the potential of ripping off the side of the house. Firmly securing these to the ground is the first preventative measure to implement.

Sealing windows, doors, and any holes throughout your home is another strategy that can prevent excess water from entering. Think about any areas where cables or electric wires of any sort enter the exterior of your home. These have created holes as well.

Preparing your home for a hurricane, or natural disaster in general is never an aspect of homeownership that people want to do, but it is crucial, especially for those in areas prone to this weather. Consider any of the aforementioned tips to best protect your home if you haven’t done so already, and make sure your biggest financial investment has the best chance of withstanding heavy rains and high winds throughout the season.


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