There’s no denying that Miami is regarded as one of the hottest cities (both literally and figuratively) in the United States. From the nightlife to eclectic art galleries, there is much more to do than simply relax on the beach, though that is always an option for those that love spending time under the sun.

The Magic City is well known for its colorful flair and Art Deco buildings, which embody the city’s diverse culture and individuality. Admiring this architecture is an event in itself, but failing to explore all of Miami would be unfortunate. Below are some of the most unique things to do and see that only Miami has to offer.


While every major city in the United States has some sort of museum, few have one as amazing as the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Great for children and families, the enormous campus includes an aquarium, planetarium, and interactive exhibits. Frost Science even has late-night events for adults, including extended viewing hours accompanied by live music and cocktails.

Another visually stunning museum paying homage to the Italian Renaissance is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. As the name suggests, Vizcaya features an array of beautiful gardens and flowers, as well as European antiques dating back to the 16th century. This museum is also a popular venue for weddings and portraits.

Little Havana

Many cities have their own variations of Chinatown embodying Asian culture within their borders, but only Miami has Little Havana; the city’s “heart of Cuba” as many have come to know it as. The cultural influence Cuba has had on the city of Miami is enormous, and Little Havana is a beautiful manifestation of just that. Admire the Mediterranean-style architecture along Calle Ocho (southwest 8th street), which includes Domino Park and a plethora of traditional Latin music.

The food of Little Havana speaks for itself. Delicious traditional Cuban recipes can be found in restaurants throughout the neighborhood, such as Cubano sandwiches, Medianoche, and Cuban sugar cookies.

Jungle Island

A very popular attraction for tourists visiting Miami, Jungle Island is an interactive zoo in Watson Island that includes a large variety of animals. Reptiles, primates, kangaroos, and warthogs are just some of the many creatures on display. Just minutes away from South Beach and Downtown Miami, Jungle Island is another great attraction for children and families. Unfortunately, they are currently closed due to damage sustained during Hurricane Irma, but plan to reopen in the near future.